Benefits of Smiling

You will experience more positive energy, self-confidence and high self-esteem. Repeated smiling helps to reduce stress, enhance happiness and improve the quality of your personal life and the lives of people around you.

Boost your happiness.

Why is Smile Reminder good for me?

Meet The Happy Chemicals in Your Brain.
When you smile to yourself you instantly change the brain’s chemistry. Smiling releases powerful neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Serotonin deficiency is a common contributor to mood problems. Dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are the happy drugs. You can trigger these powerful neurotransmitters intentionally when you smile.

Smiling helps to stay positive.

The benefits of smiling and the benefits of laughter are amazing. Each time you smile to yourself you break the pattern of your thoughts for a moment. Repeated smiling helps you to consistently break patterns of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that smiling initiates.

Smiling reduces stress.

Studies show that smiling helps to lower stress, increase self-confidence, boost happiness and it may be beneficial for people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Smiling opens new doors of opportunity that previously were closed. Look at babies, they smile around 400 times a day, (a smile every 2 minutes). Adults who smile 50 times a day, (a smile every 15 minutes) are generally happy. Adults who smile under 20 times a day, (one smile per hour) are generally unhappy.

How to use?

Turn on the app by turning on the switch. Tap on the “gear” icon on the bottom right of your screen to open settings menu. Select smile frequency (how often do you want to smile each hour) and select how many hours would you like to receive smile alerts. You can choose from 10 smile reminder sounds.  It is that simple!
You can stop the smile alerts at any time by turning off the app.

Free Version

Happy Day – 4 smile reminders per hour, a smile every 15 minutes, around 50 smiles a day. Statistics show that people who smile around 50 smiles a day are generally happy.

Upgrade Version

Stressful Day – 6 smile reminders per hour: a smile every 10 minutes, around 80 smiles a day. De-stress and have nice day.

Bad Mood Day– 12 smile reminders per hour: a smile every 5 minutes, around 150 smiles a day. De-stress and have a beautiful day.

Life Change Day – 30 smile reminders per hour: a smile every 2 minutes, around 400 smiles a day. That is how many times babies smile. This setting helps to overcome many mental barriers. De-stress and have a magical day.

Everything that you do starts with a thought, repeated smiling helps you to think more positively. You may ask yourself, how can I smile more? The answer we offer; use Smile Reminder – Happier Mind, the app that reminds you to smile more.